Friday, 10 July 2015

Uflex Ltd won Silver Award for Packaging Innovation 2015

Uflex Ltd

‪‎Uflex Ltd won a Silver Award at the ‪‎DuPont Awards for Packaging innovation 2015. The FLEX SAFE PACK is a Moisture Proof Bag designed to protect product in the cement industry.
The cement industry in India is the fourth largest in the world, but more than 3% of the cement produced is lost in the supply chain. This loss is largely attributed to the cement bags being stored in open environments across the supply chain, making them vulnerable to damages caused due to exposure of cement bags to rain, unpredictable outdoor conditions and extreme climate.

The Flex SafePack is specially designed to provide a barrier to moisture and water from entering into the bag, helping the cement withstand harsh environments and maintain its full functionality over an extended period of shelf life.

In developing the SafePack, UFLEX had to address two conflicting requirements: providing de-airation holes required for air to escape during filling and prohibiting moisture from entering into the bags during transportation. UFLEX was able to achieve this challenge through optimized nano-embossing over a flexible extrusion layer. This technological achievement also allows high definition graphics of up to 10 color printing, giving a premium look to a commodity product. 

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