Thursday, 6 August 2015

Uflex incorporating sustainable packaging solutions

Sustainability is an important aspect for packaging industry as packaging is usually considered as a waste for consumers. Uflex, an international leader in packaging industry, ensures a proper material optimization and has identified four key areas to ensure sustainability:
Using eco-friendly technology in order to conserve maximum energy. This includes the use of intercept technology which is clean, green, reusable and recyclable.

Uflex ensures a reduced carbon footprint by using biodegradable packaging material (Carbon footprint measures the impact our activities have on environment and climate, based on the amount of emission greenhouse gases by burning of fossils). Uflex emphasizes on cutting the use of materials made from fossil fuels, including plastics. It has adopted flexographic printing technique which helps in getting more energy efficiency while reducing material consumption.

Uflex runs with the motto ‘tomorrow’s packaging using today’s waste’. It uses fizzy water bottles and plastic packages which produce a unique material which can be further used for packaging.

Uflex firmly holds that all flexible packaging should be recycled in the same industry.

Uflex has been using the following techniques for recycling and reusing:
Green pet: It is made from PTA and GREEN MEG resin. PTA is manufactured by oxidation of p-xylene and GREEN MEG is manufactured from Ethanol obtained from Agro based source. This film does not contain any MEG which is conventionally made through the crude oil route. Green MEG is made from renewable source and GREEN PET film contains 30% of GREEN MEG. The film is FDA approved and adheres to EC Food Compliance Guidelines, making it absolutely safe for food contact, at the same time, maintaining the same qualities as that of natural PET film made from MEG which is derived from crude oil, with environment friendly characteristics.

rPET: It is made from Post Consumer Waste Recycled (PCR) Resin, which refers to material previously used by consumers and again recycled to use in a new product. rPET contains up to 30% of PCR resin obtained by tertiary chemical glucoses route. rPET is US FDA approved, EU compliant and is safe for food contact. It offers the same performance properties as standard PET films while being environment friendly, and is available in all thicknesses and widths.

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