Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Uflex ltd. highlights the concept of Aseptic Packaging

Uflex ltd. is a prominent name in the flexible packaging industry widely known for its standards of quality and excellence. The company has established benchmarks of success since its inception in the year 1983. With complete focus on value creation for customers, trust, credibility, integrity, commitment, innovation to create value added differentiation and customer satisfaction, the company has achieved commendable success and turned into a multi- billion company. It values customer satisfaction above everything and strives to maximize it and build trust based relationships. Uflex ltd. enjoys a formidable global presence in the flexible packaging market and has a strong customer base. The company focuses on the concept of Aseptic Packaging which is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that food remains sterile and free from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms for a period of 8 months under room temperature. 

Aseptic packages are made by combining Poly ethylene with paperboard and aluminum foil. The multi-layered construction enables the carton to protect the contents from various factors responsible for spoilage.The major reason for the extensive use of this packaging is that the product packed in this packaging need not to be kept in refrigerators. It is classified into 3 major segments which include Juice, Dairy Segment and Liquor segment. It is widely used in the packaging of the products like Flavored Milk, Dairy products and Liquor etc which plays a key role in propelling the growth of aseptic packaging in the coming years both in India and globally.

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